Vision and Mission

The Vision of MSKT ™ Photography 

The vision of MSKT Photography is to become a portal of education dispelling myths and rumors about peoples and places of other countries and to bring about an understanding that all were created equal in the eyes of God and to encourage you (the viewer) to engage your mind in what you see.

The Mission of MSKT ™ Photography 

The mission of MSKT Photography is to bring smiles and reflections through real-life photography.

The Purpose of MSKT ™ Photography

The photographer’s purpose here is to bring about life in such a manner that you (the viewer) will see life as the photographer does. Not just through the lens, but through the photographer’s eyes as well. See the passion and love.

Visual Becomes Reality

When the viewer (you) looks at a photograph and is so drawn in to the scene that it actually becomes reality in the mind of the viewer (you). A place, where your mind takes you away from the present perhaps into the future or back into the past.

Reality Becomes Visual

When the viewer (you) looks at reality (something real) and captures a visual photograph in the mind which then becomes a permanent reminder of what was looked upon (The photograph) thus causing the viewer (you) to think differently in a way only the photograph in your mind can make you think and perhaps, react.

We here at MSKT ™ Photography

hope that you will not only look upon the pictures as a nicety but that you will look at them in such a way as to make you think deeply about what you see, evoking emotions from deep within.

Come, join us and share our passion.


Mark A. Bjorndal and Ng Yuk Mei

CEO/Founder / Co-Founder

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